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radical dating

Radical Dating
Which stage of your dating life are you right no?. Is it the early stage? (selection) first date or a few second dates.

Stronger Relationship

Life Coach
Identifying that you have blessed the earth for a reason, where you were born, when you were born..

Life Coach

Stronger Relationship
Through Group coaching you’ll discover what the relationship with yourself looks like, with your relatives, friends, family..

Clarity Connection

Clarity Connection
Thinking and behaving differently can change your love life dramatically. If you’re ready to do what it takes to..

I had done 1:1 coaching sessions with Pleasant and right from the beginning our rapport brings that energy of trust. I felt comfortable enough to relax, I didn’t feel any need to hold back, I felt as if she got me, she understands me and she genuinely wants to help, and I felt as if I wasn’t being judged. My problem was dating. I read her blog about dating and she had really come through. I got the result I was hoping for. I am with this awesome guy that I had met online and we are officially a couple. I have grown since, I am in a better place and I am at a happy place in my life and relationship.


I was introduced to Pleasant by someone that I know, she had worked with Pleasant before and so I got to trust her referral. I must say her strategy was real, her concept of alignment of the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual to get a genuine transformational success. She implemented tools that were doable, the process and her energy without a doubt has helped me to release, forgive and heal from my past, to make room for my now awesome husband, who adores me.


I had read Pleasant’s ebook on Detach to Dating, it felt relatable as if she was speaking to me. When we started coaching, there was this connection. It felt as if I had known her along my journey, her story got to me because of the situation I'm going through. Her help was in and out of sessions with follow up calls and reminder emails. I am glad I decided to get help but I am blessam blessedfollow-up I choose to work with Pleasant


My first marriage didn’t work unfortunately, the second one was a disaster. I had told myself that if I had to get help to heal from the trauma so that I could be hurt again, I would rather be alone. So as the years passed I got to be in the company of multiple women with no intention of settling down. I usually give them six months to a year and if she is still around I would break up with her. I see myself getting old fearing a future of isolation and that feeling was scarry, this prompts me to get help. I was referred to Pleasant and I can say this is one of my best decision making. decision-makingscary I am dating again and I see marriage on the horizon.


About Due Coaching

Discovering (clarity) a better understanding of what is already inside you. Unique (personal) owning your truth, self love. Empowerment ( breakthrough) confidence, strength, gift.

As coaches, we all believe that every person is a whole human being, but at times we all need support in some shape or form. The areas in our lives that we struggle with doesn’t have to define us or cripple us.

Due Coaching gives you that space to be yourself, that space to take the load off, that support system that works to transform your life to be confident in creating and receiving your heart desire, better family life, better health, financial independence, loving partner and happiness. That wealth to smile for the rest of your life.

Difficult situations we face and the negative mindset, fear, self sabotage, don’t have to hold us hostage. At times we tend to linger and or place our mind in the future instead of been in the present where we are needed the most important time is present but unfortunately, that is where less time is spent. With Due Coaching strategies, it focuses on the causes, not just the symptoms, with proven tools, successful nuggets, actionable steps, a process that will eliminate the residue of the past, slow down a racing mind of the future, and bring consciousness to the present. So you can be aligned to focus on all areas of your life mentally emotionally, spiritually, and physically well being.

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